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    Cheap Essays (Wednesday, 02 March 2011 13:24)

    Great website. Keep up the good work.

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    Martina (Sunday, 13 February 2011 00:36)

    Yeah very nice page!! Best regards.

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    timmer-voltis (Sunday, 28 November 2010 23:07)

    we are a vaulting team from Germany and would like to linke with you

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    scheufler-studios (Thursday, 25 November 2010 19:12)

    Hi this is very interesting and good! :)

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    M.Belger (Tuesday, 19 October 2010 21:59)

    Hello. I´m from Rostock/ Germany. Very nice page. Thanks. Best regards.

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    labrador-amy (Sunday, 29 August 2010 21:52)

    You have a really great website and great pictures.
    Many greetings from Germany
    by Amy, Bootsmann and Family

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    team-darmstadt1 (Monday, 28 June 2010 17:13)

    Wow, you have a nice homepage! :-)
    Thank you very much for your wishes.
    We also hope that we find a good horse very soon.
    Greetigs from Germany

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    astypower (Thursday, 13 May 2010 16:22)

    Nice page.
    My horse was an vaulting horse, too.

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    Tina (Thursday, 29 April 2010 14:16)

    I´m from Germany very nice homepage and I like it.
    Good Luck

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    Kati (Monday, 08 February 2010 14:20)

    Hey :)
    Nice homepage!
    I´m vaulting too in Germany! I like to see these kids... what they doing!

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    Steph (Monday, 28 December 2009 18:39)

    hi im one of kates friends from her holiday!! its amazing what some of these kids are doing!!!

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    Marie (Monday, 03 August 2009 23:36)

    HI :)
    You have a very nice homepage.I like the pictures from your country and horses...
    I´m a vaulter from germany and its great to see vaulters from other countrys:)
    Greetings Marie

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    Charleen Jung (Thursday, 18 June 2009 17:28)

    Hi thank you for your commi. I will try to help you that you can get to thes vaultingcup. Greetings Charleen

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    toska (Tuesday, 24 February 2009 19:36)

    hi its me i am able to raise some money for the vaulting . i will get some more infomation to you by e-mail of whats going on

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    Iris (Friday, 06 February 2009 08:39)

    Wish you all the best for you vaulting project!!! Many, nany greetings from Germany. Please let us know, if you need anything for the horse or the kids, maybe we can help!!!!

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    kev (Tuesday, 20 January 2009 20:55)

    hi where can i get involed in volting
    it looks fun


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    Alina (Friday, 16 January 2009 20:25)

    Hey Sweethearts, I miss you...
    hope to see you soon..

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    Charleen (Monday, 15 December 2008 21:43)

    Hi vaulters from Malawi,wow I don`t know that it give vaulting in Malawi, I like what you do. My girls are at the same age. I will link you at my page, than I think more people should know from you.

    hope to here once from you all love Charleen

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    Anja (Thursday, 04 December 2008 08:46)

    Hi all together! thanks for your mail! I can see you having a lot of fun at the vaulting camp. The pictures look great! keep well, hello to everyone,
    greetings from the cold germany, xx anja

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    Karen McGowan (Tuesday, 16 September 2008 20:16)

    Message for Iris and the Vaulting Girls.

    THANK you so much for the wonderful show suits you sent us. You will see them one day when we wear them for a show. It is lovely to get cards from you and we use your vaulting pads all the time! Would love to hear more about you all.
    Karen and the Malawi kids

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    riverparkvaulting (Friday, 13 June 2008 13:54)

    Hi All!

    A friendly hello from all the vaulters at Riverpark in South Africa. We hope to see you all soon again, and maybe you will have a competition in Malawi that we could join!


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    Karen McGowan (Monday, 17 March 2008)

    We are off tomorrow morning very early...3.00am! Thank you everyone who have written or visited the website to wish us well. The kids are really excited and we are looking forward to spending time with 18 other Voltie teams!! We will report back next week. Karen, and all at Pegasus Vaulting club, vaulting for Malawi!

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    Karen McGowan (Wednesday, 06 February 2008)

    Vielle Grusse aus Malawi! ZIKOMO ZIKOMO (vielen Dank) Alle Volties die Schuen, leotards, Decken unzw nach Malawi geschicht haben.

    The children were so amazed and especially Kiliniti (the oldest girl) as there I find it easier to get stuff for the smaller ones. We are doing a show for sponsors on 16th February so will think of you all, especially Holger! We are getting ready for Inter Africa Cup - today was passport processing day! Phew!!

    Thank you so much everyone who comes and reads our news we hope you like the pictures or our happy faces.
    From the Pegasus Vaulting kids.

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    Jan Bayer (Sunday, 27 January 2008)

    Hello from Germany!
    Wish you all the best for the Inter Africa Cup!
    Many greetings

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    Mona (Thursday, 29 November 2007)

    I think this is great. Poor children get the chance to be with horses and like everybody knows horses give you strength, freedom and happienes...And I think this is what every child needs!
    I really think about sending you some horsestuff I don't need anymore.

    Good luck with everything.


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    Leonie (Monday, 12 November 2007)

    it´s very nice to see that vaulting is also able in poor countrys...

    And I would like to link your homepage on mine... Can I do this?

    So, stay happy and have much more fun at vaulting!

    Much greetings from germany,

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    Holger (Friday, 26 October 2007)

    Hello Clarissa,

    I´m from Germany and I´m living in Germany , but there is a vaulting-team near Zomba and another vaulting-team in Blantyre!

    Many greetings

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    clarissa (Friday, 26 October 2007)

    can you please say me where in malawi you from ?

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    vicky lavy (Tuesday, 23 October 2007)

    Lovely to see the pictures but makes me homesick!

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    Michelle Allan (Friday, 19 October 2007)

    Great website - welldone all, and keep up the good work!

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    Jenny Webb (Friday, 19 October 2007)

    Website is great - Love your new horse and congratulations it is wondeful to see how much you have acheived!!!

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    Dan Guerrera (Friday, 19 October 2007)

    What a great way to enjoy horses! I can't wait to come and see you perform!

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    Agata Pekala (Friday, 19 October 2007)

    Hello Malawi!

    Your website is wonderfull! It's great to see all the pictures and happy faces ;)

    kisses for everybody

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    Karen McGowan (Wednesday, 17 October 2007)

    ZIKOMO Holger!
    Pegasus kids in Malawi